Spotify’s yearly “Wrapped” outline, which examines the most well known music of the year for both individual clients and the stage overall, is delivered each December. Shockingly, Spotify’s “Wrapped” highlight recognized “Reggaeton music” as the most paid attention to sort. This new blend of reggae rap and Spanish verses immediately acquired prominence among the young, and it in a flash turned into a staple in North America’s nightlife.

We are currently in the prime of the “Latin” class, with specialists employing critical power both inside and beyond the music business. Latin American music, beyond question, has a more grounded appeal to a developing Latin American populace in the United States. One such craftsman is Robert Santos, otherwise called Altur Santos is one of the best reggaeton artists from the Dominican Republic.

The 26-year-old performer, saxophonist, and lyricist is fanning out his arrive at like quickly. Santos’ melodic gifts were apparent from the get-go in adolescence. At 11 years old, he began learning music, explicitly the saxophone, and by the age of 15, he was at that point singing and recording music. He played out his saxophone abilities through a few retreats in the Dominican Republic. He began composing and recording reggaeton music at 21 years old. He is likewise realized by his stage name “Robert Sax”.

Altur Santos lost his mom from the get-go in this vocation leaving him with three more youthful siblings. He utilized his melodic ability to meet their finishes. From the battle in his initial vocation to becoming one of the most achieved Reggaeton music craftsmen says a ton regarding his personality and it shows that this individual is setting down deep roots.

His energy for music and the Latin metropolitan class is relentless. Altur Santos has unchartered accomplishment from a portion of his initial deliveries. His melody Amore Criminal has an enormous following. His other melody Baby Love is a story of young life love that went directly to the core of the fans.

Look at his entire collection which is accessible on each significant music streamings stages i.e Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube.



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