Meet the most well-known entrepreneur: Brandon Medford

The Brandon Medford sales Academy is gaining a lot of attention in New York City, USA.
Some people only aspire to succeed by adhering to predetermined guidelines, while others choose to defy the current, confront obstacles head-on, and forge their own success path. Progressive thinkers and businesspeople like Brandon Metford fall into this latter category. They are committed to improving the mindsets and lives of others and believe in doing so through their efforts.

Brandon Metford is the one who has always known he was meant to be an entrepreneur; however, along the way, he also discovered that motivational speaking gave him peace of mind. Brandon launched his sales academy on October 4, 2022, at the “CulturePreneur” event that took place at the “Maserati” store in New York City.

Brandon Metford, who is also known as a pioneer in the auto industry, just launched an automotive e-commerce platform to make it easy and frictionless for customers and dealers to interact with one another. The Brandon Metford Sales Academy is an incredible effort in that direction. He always wanted to spread his knowledge and create opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators, so he made it big in the auto industry.

When attendees could choose to attend in person or via live stream, they eagerly anticipated attending the event. Some familiar faces from the music industry, leadership, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and VIP events were present. Top companies like Jack Daniels, Marcel Wines, Herradura Tequila, Naeem Boucher Reality, Empire Leasing, and their title sponsor, Maserati, supported the VIP event.

Please visit Brandon’s website,, and his Instagram account, Instagram:


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