Meet the modern fashion entrepreneur Alessandro Marinella, who is making waves in entrepreneurship.

It is amazing to learn about and read about the people who believe in thinking outside the box and making every effort to rise to the top of their chosen fields by capitalizing on original concepts and ideas. Across all industries, many people have been doing this; However, with their innovative and creative approach to business, a few uncommon gems make a special place for themselves. We came across one such young man, a creative person who believed in his visions and connected them to the long history of his family’s business in order to carry on the fashion industry’s legacy; Alessandro Marinella is his name. There is a reason why this young business talent is now regarded as a leading fashion entrepreneur.

E.Marinella, which has been Alessandro Marinella’s family business and brand since 1914 and represents the ever-so-rich Neapolitan craftsmanship, is a world-class brand. Don Eugenio Marinella started it, and over the years, it has grown to be a leading tie brand that offers bespoke tailoring services all over the world. Even the most famous people in Italy have a lot of faith in the brand, which has helped it become known around the world. Alessandro Marinella learned how to run a business from his father, Maurizio Marinella. He also learned the fundamentals from him. However, Alessandro Marinella is now a passionate person who is pushing the brand’s growth in more than one way with his modern ideas. He also makes sure to stick to the brand’s core values, which are the rich traditions of Naples.

To learn more, Alessandro Marinella graduated from the University of Naples, Federico II’s Business Administration program. He also took fashion and business courses in London and Barcelona. He began leading E.Marinella to new heights of growth and success shortly thereafter by bringing unconventional ideas to the table to better serve all of his clients. The young entrepreneur emphasizes that E.Marinella has proven to be a success in the tailoring industry thanks to its commitment to providing customers with high-quality clothing. People have become more familiar with Neapolitan culture and tradition as a result of its hand-sewn ties and hand-printed designs made from the highest quality materials.

Alessandro Marinella and his brand E.Marinella have thrived over the years thanks to the combination of tradition and style, and he intends to do so even in the upcoming years. Follow him on Instagram at @alemarinella to learn more.



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